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Check out the colors, forms and materials heating up the design world with our round up of design picks perfect for a home refresh. 


Dorset Coffee Table by Modloft

Chocolate, tan, beige or brown

Brown used to be boring—but now, it’s all the rage! Expect to see a mix of warm woods and leather, antique and contemporary pieces in every shade of brown, juxtaposed with lighter shades to keep rooms from going too dark. To make it work for 2019, bridge the gap between what’s old and new by opting for this Dorset Coffee Table from MODLOFT. With its brown Brazilian woods, glass top and conical shape, this table is its own conversation piece.


Tarascona bedding set


Linen is timeless, and this season, it deserves to be celebrated. With today’s trends towards eco-friendly designs, linen fits the bill; it’s made from the biodegradable fibers of flax plants, while creating a look that’s simultaneously elegant and laidback. Because it’s soft and absorbs humidity, it makes for great bedding material during the summer months. For a haute twist, add this Tarascona bed dressing set from Molteni&C - Dada by Modus Miami to your collection. It’s made with linen yarn from Normandy, the only area in the world where the combination of humidity, sun, light, temperature and land ensure that the linen yarn has the best resistance, tenacity, luminosity and purity. 


Marguerite Rug by Ligne Roset


Maximalism is having a moment, and design aficionados are finding creative ways to make it work, like layering throws, pillows and even rugs. Begin with a piece you already have and build out from there—and don’t worry about everything being so matchy-matchy. Play around, have fun and mix and match different colors, patterns and textures.Take this Marguerite rug from Ligne Roset, for example; get it in a light and dark shade and layer one right on top of the other in the living room for an eye-catchingly cool accent.

Fold T 2 Table Lamp by Ligne Roset

Bold Color

Take advantage of the rooms you use the least and experiment with color. Take a guest bathroom or an office, for example, and mix and match bold shades and patterns you’ve always loved but were too scared to try. Start small and work your way up; if you love yellow, you can add a fun pop to your guest vanity or a random side table with this Fold T2 Table Lamp from Luminaire Lab. Who knows? Whatever color or pattern you choose, you might even get inspired to incorporate it all over your home.



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