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Leave it to Belgium-born design wunderkind Kris Van Assche — the Artistic Director for Dior Homme  — to whip up a Spring/Summer 2013 collection brimming with good old-fashioned tailoring.

The common thread in Dior Homme’s most recent collection? A solid palette of blue hues, which Van Assche describes as, “is to summer what black is to winter.”  Think indigo tints like the deepest oceans seeping through the collection — with an emphasis on regal navy blue, that is.

While Van Assche set out to create the complete wardrobe for the modern man with his recent collection, there’s no doubt he played with maritime themes. Nautical blazers and their slick silver buttons were reworked into double-breasted blazers and waistcoats. Classic sailor stripes and oversized pockets also made a stint on the Parisian catwalks.

Best known for a minimalist approach to design, Van Assche jazzed matters up a bit with pops of playful red — in the shape of scarlet-colored stitching, stripes, shoelaces and dress shirts.

Dior Homme red thread video

Ooh la la!

Dior Homme is located at 150 NE 40th Street in the Design District.

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