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Taking the kiddos out for a treat? Make it a family affair, here are all the places you can satiate their sweet tooth–and yours. And for those with dietary restrictions, here’s a little something to make your outing extra sweet. From gluten-free to vegan to egg-free, there’s a dessert for everyone. 

Let them Eat (Vegan) Cake

Chef Chloe Cafe at Politan Row (formerly St. Roch Market) is the destination for vegan treats—whether you are vegan or not. The dairy-free, egg-free, plant-based confections are known for tasting as good, if not better, than their non-vegan counterparts. The first vegan chef to win Cupcake Wars in 2010, Chef Chloe knows her way around a plant-based treat. Make sure to try the sprinkle cake. And the peanut butter cookies. Then there’s the matcha soft serve. Oh, we could go on and on and on. 

Chef Chloe and the Vegan Cafe at Politan Row Miami

Plant One Right Here

Not all ice cream is equal or made from dairy, as is the case at Le Jardinier. Savor chocolate, pistachio or coffee, they are all made with rice milk and are completely plant-based. And for those who opt-out of eggs, the blueberry lemongrass meringue is a tasty option. 

Le Jardinier Ice Cream Selection

Take the Ice Cream (Cup)Cake

For those with no restrictions and a hankering for a sugar rush, head over to Frohzen for the ice cream cupcake. What’s an ice cream cupcake you ask? It’s a cone with a scoop of hard cake ice cream, a blend of birthday, red velvet and tres leches cakes with an ice cream base. Add some soft-serve “frosting,” a sauce, sprinkles, crumble and, of course, a cherry on top. 

Frohzen Ice Cream Cupcake at Miami Design District


Japow, Miami’s first Kakigori shop—that’s Japanese shaved ice—in Paradise Plaza right next to Creed Boutique. Blending fruit, yogurt and toppings galore, choose from options like Fresh Mango Yogurt Mint Sebnei Rice Crunch. It’s as pretty as it is tasty, so snap a pic before you dig in. For those who prefer a vegan or dairy-free option, that can easily be arranged. 

Japow original

Pop Goes the ‘Sicle

Birthday cake on a stick. Chocolate lava. Now that we have your attention, meet Ladyfingrs Popsicles. Find Madagascar vanilla-infused cream with chunks of vanilla pound cake and loads of sprinkles on a stick. Or, if you’re a chocolate lover: Belgian chocolate cream filled with homemade ooey-gooey chocolate ganache. Dairy-free options like watermelon and pink lemonade are also on hand. And lychee rose water, as well as mango ginger are the trifecta of vegan, gluten- and dairy-free. 

Ladyfingrs Popsicles Cookies and Cream

Top it Off

Madlab Creamery is known for its well-stacked snacks. The ice cream is adorned with cereals, sprinkles, sauces and cotton candy. The Japanese cheesecake also comes well-dressed. And the dulce de leche and buttercream flamingo cupcakes from Rebekah Brooks Cake Design, well they speak for themselves and are almost too cute to eat. Almost.  

Madlab Creamery

Cookie Cravings Cured

They call them cookies, but the truth is Night Owl Cookies go well above and beyond the basic cookie. In fact, good luck polishing one-off by yourself. Cookies and cream, chocolate chip, birthday cake—the usual suspects are all available. As are Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies and a little something called a cookie shot: an edible cookie-shaped cup that comes with milk. The most classic of duos. And yes, they stay open well into the night, hence the name.

Nightowl Cookies

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