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Miami Design District is proud to be the home of Actual Infinity, a large-scale site-specific piece created by the cutting-edge creative Jamilah Sabur. Jamilah is a Jamaican-born, Miami-based interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses the mediums of film, sculpture, lighting, and photography. 

Actual Infinity was specially commissioned by the District and designed by Jamilah to compliment the coffered roof (the individual geometric panels that make-up the structure) of the Buckminster Fuller Dome. Those shapes are re-interpreted in Actual Infinity through the grids that take on the iconography of the classic Sony Trinitron CRT monitor. Taking further inspiration from Fuller’s vision to discover how an individual could best benefit humanity, Sabur’s Actual Infinity expresses mathematical concepts related to infinity in human scale.

Jamilah Sabur PortraitAbove: A Portrait of Jamilah Sabur, Courtesy of Cultured Magazine

Currently one of the most photographed works in the District, each grid holds a single hand expressing explosive feeling through the formation of a point. The 32 hands are each extended from multi-racial individuals, and their index fingers direct onlookers in every direction. The repetitive nature of this gesture extends itself to a representation of an infinity and a community, themes that run throughout Jamilah’s practice. 


Above: Jamilah Sabur's Actual Infinity

Represented in Miami by Nina Johnson, Jamilah is one of the most celebrated artists today. She has recently exhibited a five-piece video installation, Un chemin escarpé / A steep path (2019), at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and was included in Peréz Art Museum’s The Other Side of Now: Foresight in Contemporary Caribbean Art (2020).

You can experience Actual Infinity on the second floor of Palm Court.

Cropped HandsAbove: Jamilah Sabur's Actual Infinity (close up)

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