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The neighborhood is dripping with caffeine in every which way. Explore which shop might have your new favorite cup of joe and learn a little bit more about the coffee you already love.


Sabal CoffeeSabal Espresso, located in Polian Row

On the hunt for the city’s best espresso? We’d make a strong argument that it’s poured at Sabal. Their signature shot is made with the Italian espresso machine, La Marzocco, and the coffee beans are a smokey roast from Coffee Counter Culture’s Forty-Six Blend. The drink is made with scientific precision—their espresso is poured for exactly 28 seconds and always measures 36 grams. Come for the caffeine and return for Sabal’s commitment to consistency. 


Pura VidaPura Vida, 3818 NE 1st Ave. Left: Cappuccino; Right: Turmeric Latte

This all-day cafe offers many milk alternatives—from oat, hemp & almond—to mix into their perfected cappuccinos (and other indulgent coffee options). If we had to name a favorite coffee alternative, it would have to be their explorative hot turmeric latte—made with organic turmeric, vanilla syrup, ginger, cinnamon.  While caffeine gives us invaluable energy, Tumeric's health benefits include being a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 

This week only (August 24th-30th), provide the code CoffeeFirst to get a free iced coffee with any purchase.

OTLOTL, 160 NE 40th St

What's the next best thing to an OOO? It's OTL (abbreviation for "Out to Lunch!). The trendy spot features silky cortaditos, foamy cappuccinos, and the best chocolate chip cookies for miles. With an outdoor veranda on our famed Paseo Ponti, everyone can enjoy their drink with a refreshing breeze.

Meli95 NE 40th St

Need an afternoon caffeine boost? Get the Freddo Cappuccino at Meli's! A cold espresso topped with chilled foam milk + sprinkled with cinnamon; this Greek-inspired coffee will be sure to inspire daydreams of the Mediterranean. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with Meli’s signature sweets, her hand-made loukoumades, which are made even more delicious with Nutella (or any!) toppings. 

No matter what form your caffeine vice comes in—we know you’ll find it in the District. 

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