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FENDI Men’s Activewear opens the door to the world of sports. The collection was photographed atop Museum Garage in the heart of the Miami Design District by Alberto Gonzalez, featuring model and dancer Alton Mason and Mia Kong. 

Fendi Activewear Collection Pre Fall 2020

Celebrating fashion as a creative, boundary-pushing form of self-expression, the silhouettes are inspired by Basketball and Running. The color palette features strong and masculine colors as a combination of black and white together with a touch of FENDI Yellow- the recurring code of the Maison. The Camoubugs print adds a touch of Military green and brown.

Transformability and functionality are sown into every detail of the collection: long pants and sleeves become short thanks to functional buttons. While multi-pockets, earphones, and straw loops are integrated to have everything necessary close to the body while training.

Fendi Activewear Collection 2020

The number 25 appears on the Basketball vest symbolic of 1925, the year the brand was founded. The whole look is complete with basketball-inspired sneakers—featuring the iconic FF logo—further recalling the street attitude this exclusive collection pays homage to.

The absolute must-have accessory is the skateboard, more precisely an innovative surf skate that simulates the movements of the surf yet on the road. The Activewear Collection is only available in select FENDI Boutiques, including the Miami Design District, 150 NE 40th Street. 

Fendi Pre Fall 2020

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