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Stone Island - or "Stoney" as it's affectionately known - recently opened its Miami flagship in the Miami Design District at 123 NE 41st Street.  The brand has had a cult following in Europe since the very beginning, it is growing its US presence steadily as it maintains its position as a contemporary point of reference for younger generations. Rappers like Drake and Travis Scott have been spotted wearing the unmistakable compass emblem.

Stone Island at Miami Design District

Stone Island owes its striking aesthetic and commitment to innovation to Carlo Rivetti, who has been the visionary behind the brand since 1993. The brand is best known for redefining the common understanding of sportswear through extreme research in textiles and continuous experimentation with dyes and treatments created in the company’s color laboratory.

Stone Island at Miami Design District

LAB is the constant, scrutinizing, and boundless investigation into the transformation and enhancement of fibers and fabrics, which brings discoveries of new materials and production techniques that have never previously been used in the clothing industry.

LIFE is the lived experience, the identity, the perceived status of anyone who wears Stone Island. It’s the strong and recognizable aesthetic that originates from the study of uniforms and work clothes, recreated with new needs in mind, to define a project where the function of the garment is never just aesthetic.

Explore the latest Stone Island Marina Spring Summer 2021 Collection now in store. Sleek design across shoulder pieces, jerseys, fleeces, knits, and bottoms allow the focus to remain on the high-performance technical fabrics for an elevated inquiry in materials and design. Textural graphic applications of the lettering are made with embedding jacquard techniques and signed off with the red ‘Stellina’ (little star) embroidery.

Stone Island at Miami Design District

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