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Where Art Leads the Way

Where Art Leads the Way

Eva Hughes

He is the mastermind behind the mecca of design, fashion and cualture in Miami. Real estate developer, entrepreneu, Miami native, and collector, are just of the adjectives use to describe him.


What was your vision of Miami when you started?

Back then, Miami had a lot of untapped potential and there were undervalued areas with abundant potential and plenty of opportunities. Initialy, I was focused on the revitalization of South Beach and in particular, esnuring that the singular, historic Art Deco buildings were both preserved and utilized. We then undertook a residential proejct, AQUA on Allison Island, which reconciled the tension between modern architecture and community-centric urban planning. AQUA was both a commercial success but more importantly, had a cultural resonance and has been the subject of books and taught at Harvard's GSD. Almost 20 years ago, I realized that the Miami Design District, which had been neglected over the years, offered a perfect opportunity to develop and create a thriving creative community that could greatly contribute to the city.

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