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Stone Island combines the worlds of motocross and art with ANNEX, an experience curated by Katja Horvat and a film that celebrates the project by director Thibaut Grevet. 

Stone Island

ANNEX is a group artwork installation on a motocross track on the outskirts of Miami. The event began with a private dinner where attendees were invited to preview work installed along the dynamic contours of the track. Motocross riders rode the circuit during the preview, adding context to the art concept. 

Stone Island

“By placing art onto the motocross track, we display pieces in an environment that is not traditionally a place for high art. In doing so, we highlight the influence of each of the works with a shift from aesthetic to thought. 

“Re-contextualization in the outdoor environment brings an additional conversation to each piece. While the juxtaposition at the track creates contrast, the objects are presented to co-exist with the place rather than disrupt it. The immersion in a live environment active with moto riders brings functionality to the artworks and introduces a broader narrative to both the track and the art.” - curator Katja Horvat

Stone Island

The ANNEX film by director Thibaut Grevet is both a celebratory documentation of the event and the director’s own interpretation of the intersection between motocross and art. This short film is premiered during Miami Art Week at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and will be archived for viewing on and social media channels.

Stone Island


Presented by: Stone Island

Curated by: Katja Horvat 

Film by: Thibaut Grevet

Art by: Agathe Snow, Alicia Mersy, Ana Kraš, Bill Kouligas, Frank Dorrey, ILL Studio, Jessy Nite, Leo Gabin, Lucien Smith, Mario Ayala, Soft Baroque, Yngve Holen, 4WorthDoing


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