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If you had the chance to engage in a summer workshop with a pair of Miami's most colorful, intelligent multidisciplinary artists, would you take it? That might be a sound choice as the TM Sisters (Tasha and Monica López de Victoria) will be hosting a video lecture and interactive summer workshop at the de la Cruz Collection beginning on July 23rd running until the 26th. This hands-on seminar offers young artists the chance to actively plan, construct and execute a video performance or creative work guided by the experienced hands of the TM Sisters.

Throughout their collective career, these two young women have transformed the landscape of video and performance in Miami, as a product of a distinctively South Florida aesthetic infused with bright neon colors, animation, frenzied dance movements and dance/hip-hop music. Born in Gainesville and raised in Miami, they reach back into memories and impressions of their own experience and reinvigorate the active process of cultural nostalgia. Somehow, it seems like the 80's and 90's never left, it just evolved into something faster and more intense. What that 'something' is can't be explained with accuracy, but the TM Sisters find a way to make that ephemeral feeling return with unadulterated enthusiasm and appreciation.

Their work has been covered by prestigious outlets including the New York Times Magazine, ARTNews, FlashArt, ArtForum and has appeared at institutions such as the Serpentine Gallery (London), the Miami Art Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (Oslo). The de la Cruz Collection, staying true to its nature of community outreach and onsite interaction with practicing contemporary artists, adds yet another exciting program to its list to cure the summertime blues.

The Video Lecture and Interactive Workshop for Artists with the TM Sisters begins on July 23rd, and runs on the 24th through the 26th. Those interested in the workshop can find additional information at and may send inquiries to, with 'Interactive Video Workshop' in the Subject field. Include your name, age or grade and parents' contact info (if applicable).

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