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Both featured in the Miami Design District, Palm Angels and Moncler have created something truly special in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Moncler’s existence.

Designed by artistic genius Francesco Ragazzi, the LED-spotlit Palm Angels Maya jacket stands in a whole new realm of beauty. The jacket has generated a massive amount of hype thanks to its unique design and presence, using thin fiber-optic strands that run vertically around the entire jacket, activated through a battery in the pockets. The garment offers a sense of specialty, illuminating through its perfectly selected hues: ivory white, light red, and deep blue.

Of all the collaborations with Palm Angels and Moncler, this has to be the most eye-catching. Its aura is absolute, piercing the night in style. Its jaw-dropping presence has led to an unprecedented success story, making it one of the most coveted collections in their arsenal Symbolizing the radiant energy of the brand, the creator intended it to project the company’s symbol like a beam of light into the future. 

The Maya jacket was created in honor of the 70th anniversary of Moncler, released on October 18th, 2023 and serves as a part of the Palm Angels FW23 Collection. Miami shoppers are in for a treat as the jacket can be found in the Miami Design District, located on 173 NE 40th Street. 

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