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We just about hit the floor when we heard the news that FLOR was bringing their genius home décor concept to the District.  Unfamiliar?  FLOR is the creative, stylish alternative to flooring options that uses innovative and unique carpet squares to create custom rugs, runners or any size floor design.

Perfect for small and big spaces, FLOR takes DIY to the next level.  Each FLOR square measures 50cm x 50cm (19.7” x 19.7”) and there is range of options to chose from based on colors, textures and patterns all of which can be mixed and matched to meet individual styles. 

flor, design, furniture, design district

Working with the square carpet tiles might seem similar to a putting together a puzzle, and FLOR is that missing piece to the Miami design scene.

"In addition to providing solutions for the dynamic design sensibilities of the Miami market, the Design District is reaffirming itself as a home decor gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean.  With FLOR's universal appeal to the design aficionado, the functional homeowner, and the environmentally sensitive, Miami and the Design District are a logical destination for our 21st brick and mortar location," says Rick Kilmer, FLOR's Vice President of Retail.

flor, design, furniture, design district

Some FLOR styles already resonating with Miami market include Reoriented, a fragmented, oriental rug pattern; Like Minded, a textured and colored pinstripe; Lacebark, an earthy organic striations pattern and our personal favorite, FLOR’s new graphic pattern called Jimdandy.

ROTF never felt or looked so good. (That’s Rolling On The Floor for the Internet slang challenged)

FLOR / 127 NE 40th Street, Miami, FL 33137 / (305) 603-8874

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