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Remember those wacky, giant pink snails that lined 5th Street in South Beach during Art Basel week three years back? Yeah, you do. Galleria Ca' D'Oro (meaning 'House of Gold' in Italian) first opened in Rome in 1970 and will relocate from its Coral Gables location to its new home in the 4141 Building. But rather than planting oversized pink creatures into the Miami landscape, the gallery will inaugurate its new space with a rich cultural offering of visual art and music, together. Says co-owner and curator Gloria Porcella, "We are very excited to move to the 4141 Building and form part of the renaissance of the Miami Design District. This is Miami's future as [an] arts, fashion, and design destination."

On the evening of October 11th, guests will celebrate Giuseppe Verdi's Bicentennial with an exhibiton, Homage to Verdi, and a classical music performance by the distinguished Cameristi della Scala of Milan. Quick history refresher: Verdi (1813-1901) is considered one of the most influential composers of the 19th century (and, indeed, in the modern historical narrative), having penned operas such as La Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida and two wildly successful renderings of Shakespeare's Othello and Macbeth. Verdi's legacy will be resurrected in the vibrant works of Galleria Ca' D'Oro's artists and the auditory delight from some of Italy's finest classical musicians. Italian classical opera and contemporary takes on Italian art with the Design District as a backdrop? Che bellissima!

Galleria Ca' D'Oro operates with partners Manuela Campisi, Gloria Porcella and Melissa Sesana, as it continues to promote an ever-increasing relationship between American and Italian arts and artists. 2013 has been designated as the year of Italian Culture, as American audiences are invited to explore and enjoy its diverse range of visual, musical and performing arts.

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