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In an age of fast-food, fast-fashion and everything accessible at your finger tips thanks to fast-wired smartphones, it is surprising (and refreshing) to come across a company that takes a slower approach. Enter The Rug Company, one that prides itself on crafting stunning creations entirely by hand.

Skilled weavers in the Kathamadu area of Nepal use ancient techniques passed from generation to generation to transform raw materials into soft, yet durable and luxurious yarn, vibrant dyes, and use loom techniques to create masterpieces to be placed underfoot. Using age-old know-how it takes approximately 40 people around five months to create each rug. 
Check out this quick video of how it’s done!

While artisanal skills are used to create the rugs, the Rug Company marries traditional methods with modern, contemporary designs. Take the collaborations with top fashion houses, artists and furniture designers like Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Paul Smith, Sue Timney, Tim Gosling and Paul Noble for example. From elaborate graphic and geometric patterns, to art deco designs and even rugs with iconic Disney characters, the successful partnerships offer an array of flooring and décor options for infinite style preferences.

Don't let the name fool you, The Rug Company also manufactures handmade cushions and wall hangings to perfectly compliment any home.

Lucky for us in South Florida, The Rug Company has a showroom and the knowledgeable team there will help you decide on a rug best suited for your space, or help you design one entirely from scratch courtesy of their BeSpoke Services. While it might be difficult to think that you can step on these works of art, they look as feel as good as they look. Cue the tune, “walking on sunshine.”

The Rug Company is located at 4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 104, Miami, FL 33137

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