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A new interior decorating store opens

Their “quintessentially North American,” as they have been dubbed, styling’s have appeared in Sex & the City, The Office, The Good Wife and Will & Grace. Now, Miamians will have the opportunity to design their rooms with staples from the newly opened Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. And that’s not the only milestone for Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, who celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. In addition to the Miami opening, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams will also introduce St. Louis and Alpharetta, GA, to the brand with new stores. There’s even a coffee-table/business book, called Who We Are, published by Assouline, to commemorate the occasion. Here, Mitchell and Williams talk about what they most look forward to with what’s to come in their 25th year.

Mitchell + Gold Williams Bastille chair

Photo: Bastille chair

Why did you choose the Design District for your Miami home?

Gold: The Design District is at the heart of so many great Miami neighborhoods, and it is continuing to evolve fast a center for the arts, design, fashion and food into a true luxury destination. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

How do you keep coming up with new concepts after two and a half decades?

Williams: This is what happens when you truly love what you do. We don't follow trends. We look at how people are living now and also watch for signs of how they'll live in the future and create furnishings we hope will make their lives easier and more comfortable. We also love looking to the past and updating classics to make them just right for modern life. We travel extensively, around the country and the globe, which always provides inspiration. But sometimes it's as simple as a trip to the local flea market.

What is at the cornerstone of your design?

Williams: Our goal remains the same since we started 25 years ago: To design truly comfortable and environmentally responsible furniture with great style that's a value, furnishings that are comfortable in every sense of the word—from the look to the sit to how you feel when you pick up the price tag.

Mitchell + Gold Williams Florrickagos Sofa

Photo: Florrick Agos sofa

Please share your biggest project to date? Was it a collaboration? A movie? A show? Designing for a celeb?

Gold: Our biggest project is our new Spring 2015 Collection, which will be in our stores in February. And part of that are new pieces for our collection for CBS's hit legal drama The Good Wife, which we designed in collaboration with the set decorator Beth Kushnick. We were also recently selected by CBS This Morning to make their glass-enclosed green room (visible on set) "green," in color as well as environmental. After all, why shouldn't green rooms be green?

Major Chair in Gloss Black

Photo: Major Chair in Gloss Black

What do you have planned to celebrate your anniversary?

Mitchell: We have been celebrating our milestone anniversary all year long by hosting events at all of our Signature Stores nationwide and internationally and by making donations to a select local charity in each city. By the end of 2014 we will have donated more than approximately $400,000 to various nonprofit organizations where we held our 25th anniversary events.  We have also created silver pieces to commemorate our “Silver” anniversary—like our 25th Anniversary Major Chair in Marquee-Silver leather, so chic.

Please describe the new store?

Mitchell:The Miami store’s exterior and interior were designed by New York-based architect James Bartholomew and overseen by me. The goal was to create a clean and modern backdrop for our upholstered and slip-covered furniture, case goods (industry speak for beds, dining tables, chests, coffee tables, étagères etc.), lighting, area rugs, accessories, artwork and a bespoke bed linen collection. The store will be dog-friendly, with treats readily available to four-legged friends.

Why does your brand mesh with Miami?

Gold: Miami is an incredible international city, so vibrant, with so much going on, and we're inspired by its energy as well as its relaxed spirit. Our furnishings are all about comfort without ever sacrificing style, and we like adding a little sparkle and shine to our settings. And as a company, we're committed to helping achieve equality and acceptance for all and will be looking for ways to help make our new community a more comfortable place for everyone.

Opening party is when? Open to the public?

Gold: The grand opening party is planned for February 2015. If you would like to be added to our invite list please go to our website and find out how to get an invitation.

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