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Aaron Glickman is a Miami original. As Publisher of, he helps keep South Florida’s residents and visitors up-to-date with local cultural, fashion, and social events. A mission he takes very seriously, because he believes in our community and the causes he’s able to promote.

Glickman’s a huge fan of Miami’s lifestyle and social scene, and he’s got some great tips for us. Whether you love the arts, fashion, food, or design, he’s got you covered.

Aaron Glickman

As a native of Miami, and as publisher of, you’ve seen a lot of changes in South Florida. What surprises you the most?

What surprises me the most is how much further we still have to go before Miami truly is the magic city we envision. Though we have grown so very much and have wonderful new buildings for our cultural institutions, there is still a gap between the infrastructure that has been established and the participation of Miami residents as a whole.

Sure, there is a core group who supports much of what has been built, but we need more – more patrons, but especially more donors.   

On a lighter note, I am somewhat surprised at how our once storied Miami Dolphins have become so insignificant. Hopefully our Stephen Ross and Joe Philbin can bring back the pride.   

Aaron Glickman

What’s the most unforgettable experience you’ve had working in Miami?

My first Art Basel was quite enlightening. I was a rookie in the visual arts scene, and attending my first vernissage of any kind at Art Basel Miami and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. That was a decade ago. When I go back and read the piece I wrote about that first Basel, I am always surprised at how far I have come and how my perspective has evolved. is a really amazing source of information about local events and happenings. With so much going on, how do you stay up to date?

We have a tremendous amount of information that comes across our desks. Of course, SocialMiami was founded by Melanie Cohen, who still works hard every day. She oversees much of the pre-event publicity that we provide, so to a large extent, I rely on what I read in our weekly email newsletters.

Aaron Glickman

You’ve really developed a reputation for your connection to the cultural community. How would you suggest people get involved with arts organizations?

By showing up. By attending a show at Arsht Center, Gables Stage, and Miami Theatre Center (MTC). By attending an exhibition at any of our museums: PAMM, Frost, Wolfsonian, Lowe, Bass. By listening to Classical South Florida and learning to appreciate something that might be unfamiliar.

Miamians need to challenge themselves to be better, to learn. Classical music spawns the imagination. The mere act of looking at art - whether you get it, or not (I often don’t) – promotes thought. Watching quality theatre can provoke action. Appreciating the physical beauty and athleticism of dance can inspire awe, while at the same time inspiring a visit to the gym.

Half the job is showing up, and the other half is being open to what you will experience and allowing it to affect you.

Aaron Glickman

Do you have any favorite designers? Who?

I have had the privilege of producing content with famous fashion designers like Carolina Herrera, Nicole Miller, and Christian Louboutin.

I have interviewed, through a design series SocialMiami produces with Ornare, many of Miami’s best interior designers and architects, and through those interviews, I have learned a lot about the process of design.

Yet, my favorite designers today are those who have reshaped Miami. Herzog & de Meuron designed 1111 Lincoln Road and PAMM. Frank Gehry gave us New World Center and is in the process of improving the YoungArts campus (formally the Bacardi Building). Zaha Hadid is behind a futuristic condo development downtown, which will further add to our evolving skyline.  

Aaron Glickman

What is your favorite indulgence?

Lately, I have been “living” at the gym. I enjoy lifting weights and am working hard to reach my fighting weight; but my favorite indulgence is solitude. My job is “social” and I am out-and-about so often – especially in season – that simply sitting on my couch and watching a game, or a movie, or the latest episode of Castle is something that I appreciate.

You’re a big fan of theatre. What was the best production you ever saw? Where?

I love the theatre. It was my college major and I am a board member of the Miami Theatre Center in Miami Shores.

While studying Shakespeare in London, I saw an RSC production of A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde. I was highly impressionable at that time and remember watching the effortlessness with which the actors performed – the control, the subtle nature of their choices. I remember thinking, so that’s how you do it. That show was a game changer for me.   

Aaron Glickman

If residents or tourists want to experience Miami and Miami Beach’s famous nightlife, what suggestions do you have for them?

Florida Cookery at The James Royal Palm is a must, and I would certainly recommend staying at The James. It’s artsy and cool.   

I also have a fondness for the hotels and restaurants owned and operated by South Beach Group. They have multiple hotels on Collins that are perfect for those coming to Miami to party.

LIV at the Fontainebleau is the best nightclub in Miami, clearly. Rec Room is a hot spot. And after a hard night of partying, hotels like the Mondrian, Standard, or Delano have unbelievable daytime scenes at the pool – plenty of eye candy. 

Downtown, Grand Central is the top venue to catch a concert, and the Corner Bar on 11th and North Miami Avenue has a great jazz night on Tuesdays. 

Aaron Glickman

How would you spend your perfect day or night in the Miami Design District?

During the day, I would recommend roaming around and checking out the galleries and luxury shopping. There are some great design showrooms, but be careful, you might end up redoing your house.

Michael’s Genuine is the industry standard for a power lunch, or trendy dinner. MC Kitchen has not been around quite as long, but has developed a great reputation.

I would recommend stopping by the de la Cruz collection. It’s a world-renowned private collection housed in the Miami Design District. Locust Projects has wonderful lectures and non-commercial installations. Markowicz Fine Art, Adamar Fine Art, and Galleria Ca' D'Oro are some of the better art galleries in Miami.

Then there are a bunch of trendy and high-end clothing boutiques: Hermes, LV, and Louboutin to name a few.

Aaron Glickman

What music are you listening to now? Anything embarrassing on your playlist?

I am currently listening to classic rock on Big 105.9. I love Hendrix; Zeppelin; Elton John; Billy Joel; Tom Petty; Pearl Jam; Black Crows; Nirvana; and the Chili Peppers. 

Embarrassing? Well, I have an affinity for the female vocalists from the 90s. And I love a lot of the female vocalists from today, as well: Lorde, Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey, and even Miley Cyrus – although she can leave the twerking at the door. Keep it classy, babe. 

Aaron Glickman

Photo credit: Justin Namon

Shot on location at The James Royal Palm

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