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“As we consider our first female candidate for POTUS, Swampspace honors Margaret Thatcher, the original Iron Lady,” said gallerist, curator, fabricator, and artist Oliver Sanchez.

No, Sanchez isn’t getting political, he’s referencing Swampspace’s Thatcher’s Summer Music Club, which is part of an annual summer series dedicated to music events and putting the spotlight on under-known yet firmly established local and visiting artists. 

“Like Winston Churchill before her, the British Prime Minister Maggie was a champion for conservatism who inadvertently contributed to the cultural revolution today recognized as punk,” explains Sanchez.  “And so we are thrilled to celebrate the roots and result of punk culture with Thatcher's Summer Music Club—a platform for experimental noise music, and a lighthearted rejection of established norms and the squelching doldrums of institutional hierarchy.”

The annual series, which has a different theme each year, is a celebration of sound, video, fashion, performance and literature that has featured everyone from Mo’Booty Band and Pusseidxn, to Marisa Alma Nick’s Alma Dance Theater—a contemporary dance favorite in the Miami Design District.

Swampspace has been a neighborhood gem since 2005 - a most welcome fixture in Miami’s growing artscape, where old friends find each other beyond the transience and external noise of the city.

The next edition of Thatcher’s Summer Music Club takes place on Saturday, August 19 from 7 p.m. to midnight, featuring special guests FETA (Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts), with Miami-based experimental electronic musicians Carlos Dominguez, Garret Hacker, Ryan Hecker and Alex Lough; Mistycoup; and art installations by Marlon Preuss, Jen Clay, and Billy Monk, among others. For more information, visit

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