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Remember playing dress up as a little kid where you would throw on anything and everything regardless of whether it matched or not? Well this fall, getting dressed will be something like that. 

Mixing and matching prints and patterns is one of the trends taking over this season, but fear not! There is method to this mismatched madness that will keep you on the best-dressed list.  Just remember to keep the colors in the same spectrum and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

So grab your animal prints, florals, plaids, paisleys and stripes because it’s time to have some fun playing with patterns.

Paisleys and stripes, along geometric patterns and florals, are just two of the combinations that Louis Vuitton paired for an imperfectly perfect look. The juxtaposition of the bright blue and green of the geometric dress with the rich paisley is exactly why this look works. Always expect the unexpected.

Marni also demonstrates how to achieve couture contrast with a billowy long sleeve black and white blouse with leave pattern matched with a color-blocked, high-waisted skirt in rich jewel and earth tones. Tying the look together are brown knee-high boots that draw in one of the hues from the skirt.

Prada triumphantly plays the pattern game by boldly combining a number of different prints ranging from a regal navy and gold brocade top with a skirt adorned with a hand-painted print of flowers over plaid open toe tights and open toe shoes. Yet somehow it all it all ties together.

Mixing and matching is almost like getting dressed in the dark, but instead of being a faux pas, you’ll be on-trend fashionista.

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