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For a brand all about tradition it is no surprise that Louis Vuitton is releasing its 35th edition of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup collection— a men’s line they create annually inspired by and in support of The America’s Cup — the International sailing race around the world that the Louis Vuitton is a title sponsor of this year.


Available at the Miami Design District store at the beginning of April, the newest collection merges the brand’s love for travel, craftsmanship and luxury into a lifestyle collection that includes both leisure and dressy casual apparel along with jewelry, leather goods, accessories and shoes all that can be worn beyond the sea.

Dominating colors are traditional nautical hues like navy and white, but the collection adds pops of neon yellow, blue and Gaston red for a more modern feel. Enhancing the modern feel are graphic prints like the Gaston V, Semaphore and Tropicoral.

While you can purchase the Apollo (backpack) or Keepall 55 Bandoulière (duffle), one special piece, a new and evolved bespoke trophy travel case that features a vivid scarlet V to reflect the new America’s Cup logo, will only be presented to the winning team.

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