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Can you feel it in the air? No, not the somewhat less humid temperatures, rather the buzz of Art Week. Yes, it’s back and as it seems like every year, bigger.  As the art scene starts to invade Miami, those who will be attending all the events are starting to plan their wardrobe. We caught up with a handful of ladies and gents who shared their Art Week plans including what they plan to wear during one of the most photographed weeks of the season. 


Virginia Gil, Editor of Time Out Miami

When she’s not busy writing about the latest hot spots in Miami, she’s busy attending them, which is why Time Out Miami Magazine Editor, Virginia Gil is happy to keep her footwear priority at the top of her Art Week wardrobe must-haves. “I don’t think I walk as much throughout the year as I do during Miami Art Week—you’re literally running from an art fair to a gallery event to a party every single day. My feet wouldn’t survive the week if it were not for my collection of Rag & Bone boots; they’re edgy and chic, and provide a little height without being uncomfortable. I’ll switch off between a sensible pair of tan Walker for daytime and a pair of black, goes-with-everything Newbury for nighttime.”

Another accessory you won’t find the Editrix without is her Balenciaga City Bag. “It fits all my things, has pockets to keep said things organized and includes a longer shoulder strap to keep my hands-free for champagne.” The hands-free option will also prove to be a necessary as she’s “getting my digits ready to snap the most Instagrammed art pieces of the year."

Katherine Davis, Art Consultant & Senior Account Executive, Magical Thinking Art

Katherine Davis travels the globe alongside Miami resident and world-renowned artist, Romero Britto, and is gearing up for week long stint at home in Miami, where she is looking forward to “brand new works, possibly the artist (Britto) himself, and inspiring people that encompass the magic that is this week in Miami.” She’s also already thinking about her wardrobe, which according to Davis, she plans to be “living her in Prada velvet wedges for the days and nights that there is little sitting,” which as anyone who as attended Art Week knows, there is none.

While her outfits will constantly be changing, Davis shares that the “Maison Margiela denim jacket I got recently reminds me how much I love the cool weather this time of year in Miami, and how fun our city is that jackets don’t always have to be formal.” One accessory that you won’t find this art connoisseur without is a very special piece, “I’m not sure the English language contains words powerful enough to convey how beautiful the Dolce & Gabbana by Romero Britto limited edition Sicily bags are.  They're hand painted by Romero - original, wearable works of art.”   And while Davis might already have her wardrobe scoped out she says, “I try to record all the incredible moments, as I find art and people, and their reaction to art, to be a magical combination that you just can’t predict, or always plan for, even when you try.”

Erica Korman, The Psychic Medium

Erica Korman is a former NYC psychotherapist turned Miami based psychic medium.  But as a mom on the go there's very little time for multiple daily outfit changes.  "I love my black Rag & Bone ankle boots, I can where them with anything," she says, "jeans, dresses, or skirts. Also, my Zadig & Voltaire dresses are perfect for a work session or straight into an event or dinner.  My go to accessory is a Givenchy black bag, I'm not going to lie it holds everything I need all day for kids, for work, or for going out."

Events and art are always the highlight for this spiritual guru.  "Last year we went to an amazing Sirius XM hosted, intimate, Bon Jovi concert one night (this year it's Duran Duran!  Talk about a throwback!), and then the next day we were at the convention center mingling with some of the world's most impressive artists looking at one of a kind pieces you'd have to otherwise travel the world to see.  You never know where Art Basel days and nights will take you."

Jared Shapiro, The Strategist

For Jared Shapiro, the former Editor-in-Chief of Ocean Drive magazine turned brand strategist with his new outpost The Tag Experience, looking good is of the utmost importance, especially when you are surrounded by some of the most gorgeous and famous people on the planet.  "You never know who you are going to be photographed with - and most likely during Art Basel they're going to be A-list."  Shapiro, a former New Yorker, is often seen around town in black, "though I'll spice things up with a sporty BVLGARI watch or some faded blue Rag & Bone jeans."  Otherwise, "a black Gucci button down fits for a day at the shows or a night on the town. It's always about versatility." 

For a guy who has thrown and attended his fair share of events, “I'm a sucker for exclusive.  Of course the Ocean Drive magazine party always goes A-list - last year with Heidi Klum and the year before that Katie Holmes.  I know this year's cover star, but I'm not saying!  Chrome Hearts always does something cool whether it's with Zoe Kravitz, Lenny, or Elle Macpherson, it's always a scene.”

Damon Rutland, Founder NoMad Model Management

The only place in America where fashion is more on display than NYC is probably Miami in December.  And for Damon Rutland, an NYC transplant who now calls Miami home, and who's global modeling agency Nomad MGMT is based in Miami with offices in NYC, LA, and Asia, fashion has to be as dynamic as his travel itinerary. "Fashion has to be comfortable, especially for long days running around town."  Nowhere is that more prevalent than Art Week in Miami. "I’m all about basics when it comes to garments  - black, white and grey – the NY’er in me is still alive and well. My go-to jeans are SAINT LAURENT Black Wax coated slim fit jeans.  They can be dressed up or down, for day or night.  And light enough to be comfortable in the Miami heat.  

The two accessories that suit me perfectly are the SAINT LAURENT Silver Feather necklace, and Tiffany 1837 cuff.  They are an easy match with everything I own, but give the perfect amount of bling.  Shoes are where I can get a bit showy and my fave’s are the DIOR HOMME metal toe black leather derby.  They’re seasons old, but never fail to turn heads.  As for events, it's all about the art.  I love checking out the convention center and then private collections like Craig Robins' collection and of course those last minute uber exclusive one-of-a-kind concerts or invites that tend to always emerge only during Basel.”

William Braemer, Director, Art Fusion Galleries

For Gallery Director William Braemer, his Art Week wardrobe is on par with importance as the pieces on display in his gallery. Not afraid to make bold fashion statements, Braemer went on a recent shopping spree through the Design District where he curated some coveted pieces that will make their Art Week debut this year.

With a keen eye for style, Braemer mixes up pieces from different designers. “I stopped into Tom Ford for a blazer with a great print that is really art driven and I love the fit. Next, I headed over to Versace for, oh wait, another fabulous jacket! Well, there are so many events for Art Basel why not?” No need to justify that, William! Braemer will be pairing the new jackets with a pair of Gucci jeans and Armani T-shirt.  “Nothing is complete without the perfect watch and Cartier is my favorite, the Pink gold Cle de Cartier.”

As for the events, Braemer will be attending many from Aqua, Context, Art Miami along with the Art Fusion Galleries event for emerging to mid-career artists on December 9th, to which he’ll be wearing his red soled Louboutins.

Jason Arasheben, Founder Jason of Beverly Hills

No stranger to flashy things, Jason Arasheben, the Founder of Jason of Beverly Hills,  disrupted the luxury market when his diamond-encrusted pieces transformed the traditional jewelry industry. His lavish diamond creations quickly became popular with trendsetters in movies, music, sports and fashion and his extremely selective clientele, includes European, African and Middle Eastern royalty.

With four boutique locations across the United States, Jason has a flagship store in the Miami Design District which is where he’ll be pushing the style envelope during Art Week either at his store or at Haute Living’s parties which are always on his list. “I always have lapel pins with me at Basel, because they can take a classic suit to the next level and make a statement, which is what Miami style is all about."

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