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This year, our dream of having a white Christmas is finally a reality! 243 years after the first recorded snowfall in Miami in 1774, winter has come to Miami again in the form of “White Rain” — Charlap, Hyman & Herrero’s holiday commission in the Miami Design District. The neighborhood is transformed into a high fashion winter wonderland, courtesy of the whimsical and humorous installation.

All around the District, the palms are glittering with silver tinsel in a lighthearted take on the icy winter days of the holiday season. Get those KiraKira apps ready, because the winter installation begs to be ‘grammed.

“White Rain” highlights the divergence between the natural and the man-made by utilizing silver tinsel to festoon the trunks and fronds of MDD’s stately palms, in a glam representation of frost. With a little wink to Miami’s status as a tropical escape from the wintery winds of the north, the glistening tinsel simultaneously calls to mind both 1970s Miami and snow in a evocative homage to disco and childhood holiday memories.

Charlap Hyman & Herrero principals  Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero, featured on Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” list for 2018, bring their vision to life at MDD for a commission you won’t want to miss. Feeling festive? Swing by and check out “White Rain” a limited edition holiday installation #atMDD, before January 8th.

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