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"Fast Fashion" is loved by many because it offers the ability to keep your wardrobe on-trend and your wallet happy. However, it has drawbacks and critics due to the effect that it has on the environment. While you may not be thinking about Mother Earth as you slip into your of-the-moment top, Yael Aflalo, founder of Reformation is, and has a created a sustainable line with you and the environment in mind.

“Throughout my years in fashion, I really started to dislike a lot of the harmful industry practices that I had become a part of — overprinting lookbooks and tossing 80 percent of them, yards of leftover fabric getting thrown out, etc.’, Aflalo shares.  “The amount of pollution from manufacturing is detrimental to the environment and I knew that I had to make a change and stop contributing to the fashion industry’s waste. So, Reformation started as my attempt to break this cycle. I wanted to create a brand where fashion and sustainability could coexist and where "green" fashion didn't mean sacrificing your style. You can look good and still do good by the environment,” she continued.

After a pop-up last year in Wynwood, Reformation is now permanently open at 3914 NE 1st Avenue in the Miami Design District, where you can find its limited-edition fashion collections, which are all made in Los Angles through sustainable practice and materials. Delivering must-have designs with “effortless silhouettes” that flatter the body and can be in-store within a month from the time the idea is first sketched, be sure to stop in to shop the affordable and fashionable tops, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, swim, intimates and more.

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