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Byredo interior Miami Design District

Stepping foot into Byredo can feel as though you’ve entered the inside of a-not-quite -complete spec house, albeit one that smells incredible. Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, has an affinity for raw structures and designed the pop-up location with exposed beams as a way to maximize exposure and visibility of their cult favorite line of fragrances, accessories, and home and body care products. Where one might envision windows would go, you’ll find photographs mounted on light boxes that are visible from both sides. The double exposure images, taken by Ben, blend two sets of images - natural landscapes with athletic imagery – symbolic of Ben’s personal journey including both professional imagery and imagery of  his nature-oriented life in Sweden, where he now lives.

Byredo Cotton Poplin candle

Byredo is famous for its fragrance collection made from the purest ingredients and the swoon-worthy scents are plentiful. For a clean, refreshing scented candle that evokes a summer time breeze, go for Cotton Poplin which combines blue chamomile, white cedar wood and sweet musk. Or try the Burning Rose candle, with its rich blend of rose, leather violet and birch tree and ebony woods for a richer, more mysterious scent. 

Byredo travel perfume

Soothe your skin and drench your senses with the line of soaps and lotions. Some of our favorite scents smell great and have meaning like Rose of No Man’s Land—a scent created as a tribute to the selflessness and compassion of nurses who saved the lives of many soldiers during WWI. The best-selling Gypsy Water perfume is a fresh scent that evokes a free- spirited lifestyle with notes of bergamot, juniper berries, lemon, amber, vanilla and more.

Byredo red leather bucket bag

Rounding out the selection of offerings is small leather goods such as wallets and coveted bucket bag style purses to accessories including sunglasses, travel perfume cases, combs and manicure kits—all with an unexpected Byredo twist.

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