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Danie Gomez-Ortigoza, the blogger behind Journey of a Braid, is known for her sense of style, which starts at her head—with her beautiful wrapped braids and works its way down to her well-heeled feet. She’s also known for her community outreach—if there’s a way to lend a helping hand or shine light on a cause, she’s there doing it in a style that Instagram loves. We caught up with the dynamic blogger to see just how she spends her time in the District.

OTL in the Miami Design District

The Time: 8am

The Place: OTL

The Reason: But first, coffee.

“I order the Americano. I like it simple. And I love people-watching in this place.”

The Time: 9am

The Place: Ahana Yoga

The Reason: Getting her ohm on with Mimi or Dawn.

“I love her [Dawn’s] voice. And I love their energy.”

The Time: 11am

The Place: Fendi

The Reason: Doing what bloggers do best—pics. “That gorgeous colorful hallway is my favorite spot.”


Danie Gomez at Alice and Olivia

The Time: 11:30am

The Place: Alice + Olivia

The Reason: A colorful addition to her day.

“Her dresses are incredible—the colorful textiles are just incredible.”

The Time: 1pm

The Place: Mandolin

The Reason: Ladies who lunch duty.

In addition for her love for octopus, Danie says, “I always see people I love when I’m here.” Win-win.

The Time: 3pm

The Place: Isabel Marant

The Reason: If the shoe fits, buy it.

Other things that accidentally wind up in her bag: “Either a piece of jewelry or a shirt’’ to complete the look. 

Bar Bevy

The Time: 5:30pm

The Place: Bar Bevy

The Reason: Cheers to a successful day.

She’ll have “the moscow mule,” bartender.

The Time: 7pm

The Place: Swan

The Reason: Clean plate club.

Danie rounds out the day in the District with a little dinner. On her plate: “Seabass Sashimi,” she says.

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