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One of our favorite things in the world is an arrangement of beautiful blooms. Nothing can perk up your spirits quicker or bring more personality to a room than a thoughtfully curated bouquet. Calma Floral is the newest Pop-Up in the Miami Design District, it brings an exciting infusion of tropical glam to the District.

From weddings and other large scale events to grab-and-go bouquets, the floral design team headed up by bloom queen Elizabeth Jaime boasts an impressive client roster including Dior, Glossier, Ralph Lauren, Bacardi and Cuyana. We sat down with Elizabeth to chat about the Pop-Up, her background and why she loves the Miami Design District. 

Elizabeth Jaime Founder of Calma Floral

Tell us about you and your background. 

I was born and raised in Miami and moved to New York to attend college. After I graduated college (and with several internships under my belt) I knew that I wanted to work in the magazine industry. My first year out of college I freelanced here and there and eventually landed a job as photo assistant at bon appetit. I spent five years there working my way up the masthead and eventually becoming the head of the department. After nine years in New York, I decided I wanted to move back to Miami and knew I wanted to start my own business but wasn't exactly sure what my business would look like. I spent my first few months in Miami completely bored out of mind with visions of returning to New York. To pass time, I decided to start making flower arrangements. I had always loved playing with flowers and making my own arrangements but never considered doing it as my job. I started posting the arrangements I made and people were reacting to them on Instagram. Eventually, I started booking more and more jobs. Besides running Calma, I love traveling, reading and interior design. In another life, I'd be an interior designer.

Why did you choose the Miami Design District as the location for the Calma Floral Pop-Up? 

The Miami Design District presented me with a unique opportunity for a small business like mine to reach a whole new audience. I loved the prestige, chicness + foot traffic that MDD offered and decided that it would be a great fit for Calma.
Calma Floral Pop Up at Miami Design District

Tell us about your design aesthetic. What’s your philosophy on floral design?

I often describe our flowers as modern + tropical(ish). We love to use a lot of color - whether that be with fresh in their natural color or dried painted greenery which we paint ourselves. I love to add unexpected touches to our arrangements and approach each design as if it was an art piece in itself.  

How does a space influence the arrangements you create for an event? 

I do often take into consideration the space in which arrangements are going to live. Not just for practical purposes (is there AC in the space so that the flowers will last? Will it be windy and will the flowers need to have weight to them) but also for aesthetic purposes. I'm not a fan of flowers looking completely out of place within a space so I make sure to at least tie in a color or design element that pulls from the design of a space. On top of that, I like to think of the florals for an event holistically - what's the big picture look like? How will the florals fit within the theme and other decor? What kind of person is this celebration celebrating - is there taste more traditional or is their room to get a little wacky with the flowers?

Calma Floral Arrangement

How does your editorial background influence your designs?  

Before I started Calma, I was a photo editor at bon appetit magazine in New York. I was in charge of producing all the photoshoots for the magazine and worked with the creative team and my department to decide how a story should look and feel. While the food media world might seem a world away from that of flowers, my five years there taught me so much about pre-planning, story-boarding, conceptualizing things visually and staying one step ahead of what is currently trending. That experience has directly influenced how we do things at Calma. I approach every job almost as if it was a photoshoot. Some questions I often ask myself as I'm thinking about a job are What's the goal of this arrangement/set of arrangements? What mood we want them to evoke? How can color help tell that story? What's something unexpected that can set Calma apart from the rest? Anyone who purchases an arrangement from Calma should know and expect that thought went into each arrangement. 

What are your favorite types of blooms to work with? 

I love working with dried elements such as pampas grass and dried palm leaves. I also love using anthuriums as they come in so many colors and are a tropical flower.

Calma Floral Pop Up

Tell us about the Stem Bar and your pre-made arrangements! 

Our pre-made arrangements are made fresh twice a week and are available for purchase in the store. The advantage of purchasing a pre-made arrangement is that it's ready to go and you can walk out of the store with it right there & then. Whereas with special orders I need at least 72 hour notice, the pre-made arrangements are great if you're looking for something immediately. For those who like to get a little more involved with their arrangements, we created the stem bar in the back of the store where clients can come in and create their own bouquet or bud-vase.

This winter, make sure to head to the Miami Design District to check out the Calma Floral Pop-Up and to browse the beautiful arrangements as well as a curated selection of small homewares by independent designers + makers. Whether you’re in the market for a full-scale event design or just want to grab a pre-made arrangement or design your own at the Stem Bar, Calma Floral is the spot to visit.  

Calma Floral Arrangement

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