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Alexander McQueen

We are honored to be the home of Alexander McQueen’s newest flagship store, located at 146 NE 41st Street. Gathered within its gorgeous interior is a bespoke capsule collection that is exclusively available in the Miami Design District.  

Capsule Collection

Designed under the creative helm of Sarah Burton, the periwinkle-based collection features recurring motifs of gilded filigree butterflies and roses intertwined in delicate, arabesque-like stems. These beautiful creatures—found in the woods that the mediums of wood and oak recall—live on a multi-finger clasp, on the tips of contemporary aviators, and are woven in satin into daytime dresses. 

Box Cropped

The interior of the boutique itself is a piece of art—constructed from an extraordinary cohesion of mediums found in the natural world. The style was conceived by creative director Sarah Burton in collaboration with Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. Radic’s focus on artisanal production techniques—like woodwork, bespoke glass construction, and unique use of quarry stones—propelled him to international recognition and to the attention of Burton, who selected him to pioneer the expression of Alexander McQueen in all of their boutiques.

Interior MC

The brand describes their philosophy as: “Drawing on a fascination with nature that underpins the core values of the house of Alexander McQueen, the main material employed is wood: oak and walnut, light and dark. This appears on floors and walls, intricately engineered to fit the space, with seams barely visible, knitted together, echoing the signatures central to the Alexander McQueen name.”

With the simple opening of the door, the visitor is imbued with Alexander McQueens unique restorative ambiance. This aesthetic is achieved through the use of “traditional techniques … and the touch of the hand are combined with visionary design and innovation. Glass cylinders pierce the interior, connecting storeys and introducing reflection and light.”

We encourage you to take a moment to explore the multiple facets of the Miami Design District location offers: the dynamic fashions that are housed there, the art of the interior that is perfectly expressed, and the capsule collection that lives on its first floor. We are all eagerly awaiting the dynamic fashions that Alexander McQueen will bring to the neighborhood. 

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