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As the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932, OMEGA is giving visitors a unique way to celebrate the iconic spirit of the games with a larger-than-life Olympic Pool Art Installation. OMEGA highlighted its passion for sport with the surprisingly realistic portrayal of an Olympic Pool in Jungle Plaza. The expansive, open space at Miami Design District has been taken over by a 50-meter long and 25-meter wide pool with lifelike components from starting blocks and lane lines to elevated tiles with handrails. 
OMEGA Olympic Pool
Weekend visitors will be given front-row access moments with an array of athlete-inspired surprises throughout the District. Flash-mob style performers dressed as Olympic swimmers stretch by the pool as golfers ride buggies and runners dash in the background. In addition to the festivities, poolside sushi by Itamae will be available along with sweet treats from the Japow Cart. This one-of-a-kind activation will take place until August 8th.

The pop-ups don’t end there. The OMEGA Miami boutique will provide an experimental view of “A Journey Through Time”, an exhibit that tells the story of OMEGA’s history of timekeeping excellence. Upon entering, guests will be greeted with an abstract display of OMEGA’s original starting block. The journey continues with the sensory event in the elevator which will give the mirage of being underwater with sounds of the pool. The second floor of the boutique will hold The Vintage Timepiece Exhibition, which will include one of the first starting pistols used by OMEGA.
OMEGA Olympic Pool
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