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If Antonio Citterio’s name sounds familiar to you, it's because you may have read about the renowned Italian architect’s plans for a new ultra-luxury condominium development in Miami (but that’s another tale for another time.)  Celebrated for the sheer breadth and elegance of his hospitality projects around the world, Citterio is also the creative behind Kartell’s dynamic Multiplo table line.

As its name suggests, the Multiplo family of tables is extensive and adaptable to a wide range of environments.  From minimal to decorative, pop to elegant, and for both formal dining and bar service, this line was born to be mixed and matched and recombined like a tropical fruit salad.  Citterio’s concept for Kartell feels just as playful and whimsical, yet fits together with a certain ease that’s characteristic of his smart solutions for functional, easy living. 

Multiplo’s interchanging tabletop shapes include square, curved, round and oval; bases can be centrally positioned, or balance on two, three or four-star feet; and finishes run the gamut from plain-colored and unglazed ceramic, to marble or glass. The key idea driving this project is that you can create completely different tables depending on the finish, color or pattern used. 

Now available at Kartell in the Miami Design District, the company is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of design furnishings for home, office, and hospitality.  The Kartell store and showroom in the neighborhood is currently its largest to date.  For more information, visit

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