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Johnathan Schultz Gallery

Johnathan Schultz Gallery Image
HOURS Monday - Saturday
11AM - 6PM
Sunday Closed
WEBSITE Visit Website
4141 NE 2nd Ave.
Suite 105
Miami, Florida 33137
Driving Directions
BEST PARKING Paradise Plaza Garage
NEAREST VALET Valet Station 9 (V9)

Johnathan Schultz is defining the future of art, by creating iconic works of art in precious metals and gemstones that communicate the cultural zeitgeist of our times. He is the new iconoclast who rebels against the conforms of the current art establishment to uncover new dimensions and emotions that stir the soul.

At the heart of Schultz’s work is the elemental connection to the earth’s precious materials – exploring the responses, relationships and boundaries.

Most recently, Schultz has been constructing new work within the NFT space. Originally formed as a physical creation prior to being translated to the metaverse, GEM has been created to be a representation of themselves; a relatable character that can be whatever we want it to be. Unique yet familiar, GEM allows people to project their own emotions onto the gender-neutral figure – which will have endless variations using diverse materials and colors.

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